Many customers utilize our facilities to service their distribution needs. Recognizing that each customer has unique requirements, Patton Warehousing collaborates with clients to develop a plan to meet their specific goals. 


By coordinating with Watsontown Trucking Company and Patton Logistics, we have been trusted to distribute our customer’s products nationwide.  This allows us to provide superior and customized distribution systems to our client base.


Patton Warehousing has extensive experience providing fulfillment services to customers. 

Our staff has knowledge of a variety of inventory programs and works with our clients to create a customized package of services based on their needs. 
This service allows our customers to focus on growing their business rather than selecting orders, packaging, and shipping products.


Several of our facilities are AIB Certified.  This yearly certification process proves compliance with Food Safety Standards.  These standards measure to what degree the facility meets requirements pertaining to keeping food products safe.  

At Patton Warehousing we take pride in the cleanliness and safety of our facilities.  Our employees are trained on the AIB International Food Standards and understand the importance of their role in abiding by these standards.  This food safety culture is proven by our facility recently scoring a perfect score on the AIB International Audit.


We strive to understand and meet your business needs.  We can become your supply chain solution with the help of our partner companies, Watsontown Trucking Company and Patton Logistics.  Watsontown Trucking Company’s 400 trucks ans 1,200 trailers are nearby and ready to help with your transportation requests.

Through our affiliation with Patton Logistics we are able to offer our customers a complete logistics package. Our customers will gain over 100 years of transportation experience when they decide to utilize our logistics services company.


Our facility at 117 N. Industrial Park Drive in Milton has indoor rail capabilities. 
Our spur links into the Norfolk Southern main line. This facility can be used to store goods or as a transfer station for final delivery. 

Our affiliated company, Watsontown Trucking Company, is located within 1 mile of our warehouse and is available to complete final delivery if needed.


Patton Warehousing began its pallet washing operation in November of 2016.  This service allows our Food and Beverage customers to cycle pallets through our operation to ensure compliance with Food Safety Standards.   In 2018, the company upgraded the machine with the addition of an automated stacker and de-stacker.  This automation allowed us to improve the efficiency of the pallet washing operation by 30%. 

In addition, a boiler was added to the washer in 2018.  The boiler allows us to wash pallets with high-pressure, 150 degree water.  This improved the overall quality of the washing process and enabled us to exceed the standards of the Food and Beverage Industry.

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