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At Patton Warehousing, we strive to understand and meet your business needs. We can become your warehousing, transportation, and logistics solution with the help of our partner companies, Watsontown Trucking Company and Patton Logistics.

Watsontown Trucking Company’s 400 trucks are nearby and ready to help with your transportation requests. Every truck is equipped with satellite tracking and onboard cameras. The WTC fleet also includes more than 1,200 van, open-top, and flatbed trailers.

Through our affiliation with Patton Logistics we are able to offer our customers a complete logistics package. Our customers will gain over 100 years of transportation experience when they decide to utilize our logistics services company.


Patton Warehousing, LLC has proven to be an elite warehousing company servicing the U.S.  It was formed in 2015 as an affiliated company to WTC. The development of this entity created an organization that now offers over the road transportation, logistics services, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, and final mile delivery.

Patton Warehousing is a family owned and operated company with over 1.5 million square feet of warehouse storage space.  We offer AIB approved facilities for food grade storage, raw material storage, and finished good storage.  At Patton Warehousing, we ensure that all products are safely kept and carefully maintained while stored in our facilities.  


All of our buildings are equipped with a Warehouse Management System. This allows our customers to monitor their inventory levels remotely from their own office. 


We utilize RF Scanning to ensure inventory accuracy. Product levels are continuously updated to provide our customers with real time inventory status.  

We can integrate independent management systems in order to proactively assist or completely manage production and delivery schedules. Our staff has experience with WMS programs such as SAP, 3PL Central, TMS, and many other third-party programs.


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