Co-packing services in a warehouse
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Contract Packaging/Co-Packing Services

With our wealth of experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence, we provide a comprehensive range of contract packaging solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Rework/Repack: We understand that packaging needs can change over time. Our rework and repackaging services allow you to adapt to evolving market demands. Whether it's repackaging products for promotional campaigns, or addressing quality issues, our dedicated team ensures your goods are handled with precision and care.

  • Quality Checks: Maintaining the highest standards of quality is paramount to us. Our meticulous quality checks guarantee that your products meet the required specifications before they reach the market. From visual inspections to functional tests, we employ a rigorous process to ensure that only flawless goods are packaged and delivered to your customers.

  • Test Samples: Introducing new products or launching variations often requires testing the market response. With our test sample services, you can efficiently distribute small quantities of your products for market research, customer feedback, or promotional purposes. Our flexible and reliable solutions enable you to gauge consumer interest and make informed decisions before committing to large-scale production.

  • Case Gluing & Taping: The integrity and security of your packaged goods are of utmost importance. Our case gluing and taping services ensure that your products are securely sealed and protected during transportation and storage. With our precise and efficient equipment, we can handle a wide variety of packaging formats, guaranteeing that your goods arrive in optimal condition.

  • Shrink Wrapping: To provide an additional layer of protection and enhance the presentation of your products, we offer shrink-wrapping services. Our advanced machinery and skilled operators carefully wrap your items in high-quality shrink film, creating a tight seal that safeguards against tampering, dust, and moisture. This ensures that your goods are preserved in pristine condition until they reach your customers.

  • Labeling: Accurate and professional labeling is crucial for effective branding and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our labeling services allow you to showcase your brand identity and convey essential product information effectively. From affixing barcodes to applying custom labels, our attention to detail ensures that your packaging meets industry standards and facilitates seamless inventory management.


Patton Warehousing offers a full range of contract packaging services, plus creative solutions for any unique requirement you may have.

  • Product mixing

  • Rework/repack

  • Quality checks

  • Test samples

  • Case gluing & taping

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Labeling 

  • Rework/Repack Services
  • Quality Checks
  • Shrink Wrapping