Pallet washing process in a warehouse
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Pallet Washing

Patton Warehousing began its pallet washing operation in November of 2016. This service allows our Food and Beverage customers to cycle pallets through our operation to ensure compliance with Food Safety Standards. In 2018, the company upgraded the machine with the addition of an automated stacker and de-stacker. This automation allowed us to improve the efficiency of the pallet washing operation by 30%.

In addition, a boiler was added to the washer in 2018.  The boiler allows us to wash pallets with high-pressure, 150-degree water. This improved the overall quality of the washing process and enabled us to exceed the standards of the Food and Beverage Industry.

  • Exceeds Food & Beverage Industry Standards
  • High Pressure, 150° water
  • Highly Efficient Automation