The Patton Logistics Group manages the precision operations behind your operation. When you trust your materials and products to us, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done, just like we did for this company.

Delivering in the window (and door) of opportunity.


Watsontown Trucking Company provides transportation service to move 8,000 outbound loads per year from the manufacturing plant docks in Pennsylvania to window and door distributors  throughout the United States. Our drivers perform value-added services such as unloading assistance, product scanning, and inventory management. Watsontown Trucking Company also transports 2,600 loads per year of inbound raw materials to the plant from various suppliers in the United States. 


Patton Warehousing provides overflow storage of inbound raw materials destined for the manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania at our Milton, PA warehouse campus. Materials are inventoried in our warehouse management system (WMS) and allocated to the manufacturing plant as needed.


Just a note to say what 
a great job MIWD and Watsontown Trucking Company does delivering our windows. We receive emails from Patton Logistics letting us know the date and time of delivery and at first, I would laugh. Who would expect a delivery time to be accurate? I need to say the delivery are always on time.


Patton Logistics provides additional transportation capacity during surge shipping periods associated with the home building industry. Our logistics service provides 24/7 support to the manufacturing plant in order to maintain a high productivity rate and around-the-clock service that provides on-time delivery to the customer. 


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25 Years of Continuous Transportation Service

Delivering in the window (and door) of opportunity.