The Patton Logistics Group manages the precision operations behind your operation. When you trust your materials and products to us, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done, just like we did for this company.

We gear up when it’s harvest time.


Watsontown Trucking Company provides 24/7 transportation services to move 750 truckloads of canned tomatoes from the processing plant to off-site warehouses during the eight-week packing season. 


Patton Warehousing provides storage and handling for more than 10,000 pallets of canned tomatoes during the eight-week peak processing period. We allocate 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space 
to the project each year. The product 
is stored and identified by location in 
the warehouse using our warehouse management system (WMS). 


I had full expectation that 
The Patton Logistics Group could do the job. You have exceeded my expectations. Your team, led by Nick, handled every situation with communication, care and professionalism. It is a pleasure doing business  with you.


Patton Logistics provides additional transportation capacity during surge production periods through a vast network of partner carriers. In addition, Patton Logistics provides 24/7 support to manage the completion of the project according to the client’s operational requirements.


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Fresh Pack Tomato Season

See how we gear up when it’s harvest time.