The Patton Logistics Group manages the precision operations behind your operation. When you trust your materials and products to us, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done, just like we did for this company.

Our precision services locked out demurrage fees.


Watsontown Trucking Company provided transportation services to move 100 truckloads of material from the Philadelphia, PA port to a Patton warehouse in Sunbury, PA in 15 days to prevent the client from incurring significant demurrage costs.



Patton Warehousing provided 25,000 sq. ft. of storage space and unloading support staff that worked around the clock to unload the inbound trailers at the warehouse. The product was stored and allocated by location using our warehouse management system (WMS).


I wanted to write and tell 
you how impressed I am with The Patton Logistics Group. When I contacted you and assigned this project to your company, I never thought it could be completed on time. Your company did it and I am thankful that you are our logistics partner.


Patton Logistics provided additional capacity through our network of partner carriers in order to meet the deadline and prevent the client from incurring additional cost. Patton Logistics also ensured that the carriers were adhering to the strict transportation schedule. 


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Imported Door Component Project

Our precision services locked out demurrage fees.