The Patton Logistics Group manages the precision operations behind your operation. When you trust your materials and products to us, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done, just like we did for this company.

Every coat from Operation Warm is efficiently managed and delivered through the dedicated efforts of the Patton Logistics Group.


Watsontown Trucking Company provides transportation services for the coats that arrive from overseas. With a strong commitment to community welfare our family of companies helps with packaging, offloading, and delivering the coats to area children in need. We are proud to be a continuing partner that gives back to the communities that we serve in. 


Patton Warehousing provides comprehensive warehouse support, managing the inventory of thousands of coats. Every coat is inventoried in our WMS system, and quality checked 
for sizes, colors, labeling, and potential damage. We sort the mixed containers by SKU and integrate them with FedEx for seamless shipping. Our fulfillment team, consisting of dedicated warehouse workers and administrative support, oversees the entire project. 


Patton Logistics offers additional capacity during peak coat distribution periods without impacting overall costs. We also provide repacking services if the boxing isn’t correct or is damaged, or requires special labeling. Our expertise in logistics has allowed Operation Warm to grow their business year over year, ensuring that more children receive the clothing they need to stay warm all winter.  


As a nonprofit, Operation Warm has greatly benefited from its partnership with the team at Patton Warehousing since 2020. The team’s proactive communication, commitment to transparency, and impressive flexibility have played a key role in shaping strategic decisions related to Operation Warm’s supply chain. This collaboration proved especially crucial during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring the essential role of Patton’s team in optimizing our operations.
David Sanford, Director of Supply Chain, Operation Warm

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